We specialize in helping affluent investors, entrepreneurial families, and family offices from across Canada address the complex challenges of managing significant wealth.

Julia Cheng & Associates

We offer independent investment advisory services, such as investment consulting, tax and estate planning, insurance advisory, family education, philanthropic planning, and capital advisory services.We are particularly recognized for our client advocacy and high level network.

Our clients leverage our expertise to plan for their long term future, and achieve their financial goals. You can check out our team bios to discover if there's a fit for you and your family at Julia Cheng & Associates.

Liquidity Event Beneficiaries

We are liquidity event specialists helping families and wealth creators going through a significant liquidity event like a business sale, real estate transaction, inheritance, divorce, or intergenerational transfer.

High Net Worth Families

Families going through a significant liquidity event like an inheritance, divorce, or intergenerational transfer. Using our extensive Services, We assist by creating and implementing a personalized family investment plan and connecting you with experts in philanthropy, estate planning, insurance, and other professionals who will add value to your family.

Entrepreneurs and Wealth Creators

We work with business owners, past or present, looking for expert advice on how to invest sale proceeds from significant business transactions.


Corporate Executives

Key corporate executives looking to simplify or delegate their wealth management requirements by engaging with a professional, trusted advising team.

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